/usr/bin/env ruby
$VERBOSE = true

include World::People::Engineer(Spaceghost)
attr_reader :name => Johnneylee Jack Rollins
attr_reader :pseudonym => Spaceghost

Post < Thoughts::Blog
attr_accessor :comments
attr_reader :title, :subtitle, :meta, :content
title    = Ferris Bueller
subtitle = You have seen it, right?
meta     = 25 May 2011 - Eugene, Oregon

So, I was watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (“FBDO” to me and my friends). I had just seen [Fight Club][], and I was thinking about it. Here’s what I thought.

“Sometimes, people just happen. They were friends one day, then the next, they’re strangers. Luckily thanks to evolution, a new friend joins your social circle. This is how single serving friend don’t hurt, this is how you can breathe each day.”

Honestly, I don’t know why I think this is in any way clever. I think I just amuse myself too much. If you’re so compelled, let me know what you think.

Notice: My thoughts are free because I didn't think they were worth paying taxes for the penny.

[Fight Club]: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0137523/ “Fight [email protected]

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